Hi Dr. D’Amico,

I wanted to let you know I had a great “customer service” experience with Eva this week.

My Flexible Spending plan administrator has been giving me trouble lately and asked for copies of a bill from September (even though they had them already). It’s been frustrating.

I left a voicemail at night right before the holiday with a rambling message… to be honest, I didn’t assume anyone was going to fulfill my request. I thought I’d get a call back if they were able to decipher my mumbling…

But I was pleased to find out Eva printed and mailed the paperwork without delay. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised, I am always pleased with your staff every time I come in. Regardless, it was fantastic.

Now if only the people at Home Depot or Lenscrafters cared even 1/2 as much as your people do, I might be able to go shopping without getting more grey hair.

Thanks for the bright spot in my week!

I know a couple who just moved to Watertown, I’ll see if I can send them your way.


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