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Below are just a few examples of the many beautiful smiles we’ve created!

This patient was having pain in her upper front teeth. They had become loose and made her feel self concscious when she smiled. She was starting to have difficulty eating.

She new she was going to need the remaining teeth removed but did not want a denture.  She opted for multiple implants with a “fixed” denture.  The denture is literally screwed into the implants and remains fixed in her mouth.

Before After

This patient had become unhappy with the appearance of her old dental crowns. She was also experiencing jaw pain because the old crowns were too short causing her to have pain when open and closing.

She wanted longer teeth that looked more youthful. Dr. D’Amico replaced the dental crowns she had on all her upper teeth resulting in this beautiful more youthful smile shown here.

Before After

This patient had been seeing Dr. D’Amico for several years. She knew that she would be loosing all of her upper teeth due to periodontal disease, however, she did not want a full denture.

She did not want anything that could be removed and wanted the end result to feel as natural as having her own teeth. She knew that this was an investment she was making in her quality of life and comfort. When she was ready to proceed, she had 8 dental implants placed in her upper jaw and had crowns attached to these dental implants. She is very pleased with the decision she made.

Before After

This patient had older crowns that needed to be replaced. She was also unhappy with the way they looked and her smile in general. She wanted a more youthful smile.

Dr. D’Amico bleached her lower teeth and replaced all the crowns on her upper teeth. She is very pleased with her new look!!

Before After

This patient had neglected his teeth for some years and was afraid that he would loose all of his remaining upper teeth. Dr. D’Amico was able to save many teeth and replace those that were either missing or needed to be extracted with a permanent fixed bridge. What a difference!!!

Before After

This patient came to Dr. D’Amico’s office after years of simply having his teeth patched with larger and larger fillings. He said he always had a bad taste in his mouth and felt very uncomfortable. He was restored with crowns and a type of removable partial denture that has “snaps” so that the wires are concealed and offers very good retention.

Before After

This patient did not want to wear anything in his mouth that could be removed. He had four dental implants placed in his lower arch, and crowns placed on the implants.

Sara S. before after 2.001

This patient came to Dr. D’Amico because she was not pleased with the appearance of her upper front two teeth. They were old crowns which no longer matched the appearance of her other teeth. She wanted them more uniform in appearance and whiter. Dr. D’Amico fabricated Cerec crowns. He then customized the shade/color of each crown right in his own office. The patient is very pleased with the results.

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